The Evolution of Surgery from Open to Laparoscopic to Robotic

Dennis Fernandez, MD, Huntsville, Alabama, discusses the Evolution of Surgery. He explains the transitions from open, to laparoscopic, to robotic surgery.

Open operations required big incisions. And, most patients would take a long time to recover. They also had more discomfort. The transition to laparoscopic surgery allowed smaller incisions, with less trauma to the tissue and quicker recovery time.

The third iteration of surgery is robotic surgery. Dr. Dennis Fernandez uses the da Vinci surgical robot. Robotic surgery is similar to laparoscopic surgery but it uses a surgical robot. The surgical robot allows for better visualization and more precision. There is also less trauma to the tissue and quicker recovery time for the patient. Dr. Fernandez’s patients recover at least three times quicker than patients who have an open procedure. And that’s why Dr. Fernandez loves the robotic approach!

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