Robotic Gastric Bypass Dr. Dennis Fernandez

What is Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery?

During a Gastric Bypass, the stomach is divided, a small pouch is made, and the the intestine is re-routed to bypass not only the bigger portion of the stomach, but…

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What is Sleeve Gastrectomy Dr. Dennis Fernandez

What is the Weight Loss Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Dr. Dennis Fernandez, Huntsville, Alabama, performs the weight loss surgery, robotic sleeve gastrectomy. During a sleeve gastrectomy, the stomach is divided, and 85-90% of it is removed. This restricts the…

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The Evolution of Surgery by Dr. Dennis Fernandez

The Evolution of Surgery from Open to Laparoscopic to Robotic

Dennis Fernandez, MD, Huntsville, Alabama, discusses the Evolution of Surgery. He explains the transitions from open, to laparoscopic, to robotic surgery. Open operations required big incisions. And, most patients would…

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